Awarded The Best Senior Portrait Photographer of The Year


Most seniors get their portraits for the purpose of sharing a little about who they are and to give them to their family, and most of all, their best friends. They are celebrating the memories of high school and forever capturing it in a photo shoot. All those years will never come back but at least you can look back at the most important year, the senior year.

So when you are looking for a senior portrait photographer, do not settle for anything less than the best.  You might think that is an easy task. Anyone these days can take a photo but only a few can create a story within the photo. Make sure they have a studio with tons of lights, stands, and actually know how to create the perfect lighting.  You definitely want to work with a photographer that has the ability to create and build the ultimate photo shoot for your senior portraits.  You can go online and search for senior portrait photographers in Santa Fe, NM, but how do you know which one to choose from. Luckily for you, I have personally met one of the best photographers in Santa Fe. As a photographer myself, I asked all the technical photography questions about the type of light bulbs, camera gear, lenses, soft boxes, stands, sync speeds,  etc., etc.

This is where Robert Horne of Images By Davids Studio comes in. He is a master photographer and most importantly, has the integrity and trust you can count on. He has the expertise to provide senior portrait photo shoots in his studio or on location. What sets him apart is his commitment to personally meet each senior and develop their story and idea behind each photo shoot with them.

After meeting him and seeing his work, I recommend Robert Horne and sincerely hope this information is helpful for those who are looking for the best senior portrait photographer in Santa Fe.