Brioche Cinnamon French Toast At Taste on Melrose

Brioche French Toast at Taste on Melrose by photographer, John Ussenko.

I like cooking at home but find myself going out more often, especially during photo shoots. Taste on Melrose was just down the street from our shoot and I was starting to get hungry.  I’ve never been here before, so why not.  Today I skipped the poached eggs, my fav breakfast dish, and ordered the brioche cinnamon french toast with fresh lemon wedge, powdered sugar and a side of  mint with fresh berries.

Please understand, I had my fair share of french toast in my day and I’m not big into greasy tasting, deep fried french toast. I want to taste the french part of the toast and I did with this dish.  The flavor is delicate enough for you to actually taste the egg mixed with cinnanmon. Yum!  It was not too over powering in flavor and the maple syrup is real maple, the stuff that comes from maple trees instead of corn syrup.   I was really surprised how much I enjoyed this dish. I will definitely be going back.

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