Climbing Mountains of Salmon and Tuna Poke At Bear Flag In Newport Beach

October 10, 2015

I’ve been here to Bear Flag in Newport Beach quite a few times and each time I order the same items. What can I say, I’m a creature of habit. It does help that these dishes are some of my favorite things to grub on. Personally, it’s a little on the wet side of oil and trust me, you’ll see a thick layer of it on the bottom of your take-out poke containers. But honestly, who cares. I keep coming back for more.

It’s close enough to a Hawaiian-style poke that keeps me coming back. And like I said, every time I come back, I order a total of 2 lbs of Salmon Poke, Ahi Tuna Poke, Seaweed Salad, and Peruvian Ceviche. And don’t forget the chips.

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