Gluten-Free Pizza With Mushrooms

When I’m tired and feel like some pizza, I tend to grab a gluten-free one at Spin Pizza.  I’m not allergic to gluten, well, I don’t think I am. How do I know? All I can say is that I feel better after eating it and my stomach doesn’t bloat up. Maybe it’s all in my mind. I have friends that are highly allergic to gluten and they definitely know when they eat it. Personally, I like the chewy texture of gluten-free dough.

Spin Pizza in Huntington Beach makes a delicious chewy gluten-free pizza. I’ve tried it many times and have to say, it’s yum. I ordered their gluten-free Funghi pizza with roasted portabello and crimini mushrooms. Yummy!

Funghi pizza with roasted portabellos and criminis

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