The Art That Disappears


This mural was created back in 2001 for a 2 page spread of EA Sports’ NBA Street video game. It was created by two artists, Man One and help from his friend, Sacred194. I really don’t know much about the artists other than they produce incredible work.  I shot this photo on September 9th, 2005 with my fisheye lens while walking around downtown LA. Fast forward to present day. Guess what? You’ll never find it.  It has been completely removed from the wall. The actual wall itself has been completely removed from the city due to redevelopment. Out with the old, in with the new. It is sad really. This type of art only stays as long as the city allows it.

Get it?! So for those who get it, the next time you pass some wall art, take a moment to capture it because your photo might be the only evidence that it ever existed. Not saying that I have the only photo ever taken of this mural.  Some art will simply disappear, forever.  I am simply happy that these photos are preserved in my photo library.  Many thanks to Man One for providing the needed info.



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