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Body Rags T-shirt Meets Official Crown of Laurel Snap Back

November 21, 2015

One of my favorite t-shirts made by Body Rags called See Hear Speak No Evil. Those owls rock the house.  This is my style when I’m going out all day to shoot street photography. One thing I know about shooting, you have to be comfortable in your own gear or you won’t be able to ground your creativity.

HERE’S another Body Rag shirt that is available but they go fast because of the great deal. I get most of my clothing gear  HERE.

You might like some of their other Body Rags tees like the one in the picture. Just click the image and it’ll take you to where I buy my street gear.  At the time of this posting, the tees retail for $45 but you can buy them for $7-19. Talking about awesome deals.

Body Rags TshirtAnd this is where I bought my Official Crown of Laurel Snap Back.   They go quick so grab one if you can.

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