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My Favorite Official Crown of Laurel Snap Back

November 7, 2015
Crown of Laurel Snapback by fashion photographer John Ussenko in Los Angeles.

I own many snapbacks, like 5. I’m pretty picky when it comes to head gear. They must have their own style and look. Have to fit just right. I couldn’t wait to try my Official Crown of Laurel on when I  got it. It was my first one.  I even kept the sticker on for the shot. Once that sticker comes off, it’s officially mine.

When I see a good deal online, I tend to grab them. This is where I bought Official Crown of Laurel snap back and they offer a variety of other styles too, HOWEVER, I did order the camo snapback in the adult size and received a kid size. So I ordered it again and received another kid size. Come on! Oh well, I’ll gift it for someone else.

Another style that I love but for some reason they keep sending me kid sizes.  Official Crown of Laurel Camouflage Zag Hat. 

What I like is this LINK to get a FREE $20. Can’t beat that.


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