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Feeling A Little Lime Green In Newport Beach

January 2, 2016
Body Rags and Psycho Bunny Snapback street fashion shoot with lime green wall with fashion photographer, John Ussenko in Newport beach.

I’m starting this year with a bang. A lime green bang. I need to break these bonds and get back to my roots of artistic expression. Have to let go of all that holds me down and just let it out. I’m looking forward to a new year. I’m finding a rhythm to this madness and discovering how fun it is.  I found this neat little spot tucked away in a parking structure in Newport Beach.  It was mid-day and they forgot to turn off the lights. Winner.

This is where I buy my gear and you can buy another awesome Body Rags shirt from HERE.  They have awesome deals so they go quick. The one I’m wearing is already sold out.

My solo photo shoots are challenging and present technical limitations but overall, I’m happy how the photos turn out. And just for the record, all my clothes are purchased by me either online HERE or in the store.  My dad had a better way to put it, he would say, “Nothing is free in life, not even the air we breathe.”  He’s a smart guy.

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His Style

General Patton Meets Psycho Bunny, Body Rags, & French Connection

December 19, 2015
Military Tanks, Psycho Bunny Snapback, and French Connection Clothing by fashion and lifestyle photographer John Ussenko on location in the California desert.

I love exploring new locations especially when they randomly appear and make you say, “wtf?” When I pulled off the highway to get gas at a tiny place called Chiriaco Summit, this  came out of left field. It appears to be over a dozen tanks scattered in the area.  I thought my eyes were seeing things. Com’on. Tanks? Tanks?! Tanks! Seriously. What are these tanks doing out here in the first place. How the heck did they even get them there?   All of a sudden, Curious George popped in my head and said, “Stop the car dork and go explore.”  So I did.

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His Style

Body Rags T-shirt Meets Official Crown of Laurel Snap Back

November 21, 2015

One of my favorite t-shirts made by Body Rags called See Hear Speak No Evil. Those owls rock the house.  This is my style when I’m going out all day to shoot street photography. One thing I know about shooting, you have to be comfortable in your own gear or you won’t be able to ground your creativity.

HERE’S another Body Rag shirt that is available but they go fast because of the great deal. I get most of my clothing gear  HERE.
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