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Hurry Up! Here Comes The Rent-O-Cops!

Long black dress by Free People Clothing in downtown los angeles with street fashion photographer John Ussenko and model Janelle Carroll.

It makes me so frustrated when you’re trying to do a fashion shoot and you see the security guard running towards you. I already know what he’s going to say. It’s the dreaded deja vu. We don’t have much time. Now it’s a rush rush and hurry hurry type of shoot. I was only able to snap three photos near this red structure. The security guard gets close enough and shouts, “This is private property and you can’t take any photos.” I’ve heard this so many times. How can a building in the middle of downtown Los Angeles be private property? They don’t care if you walk around or sit down or even eat your lunch but has soon as the camera comes out, 9-1-1! 9-1-1!  Dang rent-o-cops.

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Her Style

Surfing The Concrete Fashion Shoot In Downtown Los Angeles

Surfboard fashion photo shoot in downtown los angeles with photographer, John Ussenko.

One of my fav fashion shoots. I love combining completely different elements and creating art from it. When was the last time you saw a model, Jeffrey Campbell high heels, and a surf board against some murals in downtown Los Angeles? Exactly my point. When I collaborate with models and hear some of their ideas, it helps spark new visions in my mind. And then we create something like this.

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Edgy Street Fashion With An Attitude In Downtown Los Angeles Artist District

Black leather jacket and wolves fashion shoot in downtown los angeles with street photographer, John Ussenko and model Janelle Carroll.

If you’re going to do a photo shoot in downtown Los Angeles, you definitely have to get some murals in the shot. This place is filled with some of the most amazing graffiti murals in the artist district. To me, downtown LA equals urban art. This is where I go to be immersed in it. And if you take a moment to appreciate the art, you’ll realize how massive some of these pieces are. It blows my mind away. Kudos to all those artists who run the streets looking for the perfect canvas to express their soul.

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Her Style

Jeffrey Campbell High Heels Meet Backyard Boards

Surfboard fashion shoot in downtown los angeles with lifestyle photographer, John Ussenko and model Janelle Carroll.

It’s really awesome to setup a fun shoot like this.  I enjoy experimenting with different props and ideas. I believe the most important aspect of shooting is being able to listen to the model and share her vision as well. After all, no matter how you look at it, it’s a team effort.  It’s about having fun, laughing, and being productive at the same time.

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A Stickler For The Perfect Poached Egg At Zinc Cafe In Downtown Los Angeles

For some of you, a poached egg is just a poached egg. For me, well, it has to be cooked just right. Not too soft, where you see that gross uncooked egg white that looks like snot or when it’s overcooked like a hard-boiled egg. Personally, I like the yolk to be consistent with honey, it has to slowly run out when you cut into it. I’ve been here at Zinc Cafe in downtown Los Angeles a few times, which is much better than their Corona Del Mar location. I prefer breakfast not to be greasy or too heavy and knowing that I have a long day of shooting ahead of me, I find myself ordering their poached eggs on gluten free bread. Hits the spot every time.


The Steel Beast: Frank Gehry Disney Concert Hall In Downtown Los Angeles

There’s a lot of cool architecture in downtown Los Angeles and the Frank Gehry Disney Concert Hall happens to be one of my favorites. The beautiful steel exterior constantly reflects any light source so your shots will look different depending on the time of day.  I recommend going early in the morning to miss the crowds and traffic.