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SoCal Architecture Complements The Fine Lines Of A Mercedes Benz

611 Anton Mercedes Benz lifestyle photo shoot with edgy lifestyle photographer John Ussenko.

Ideas started popping in my head the day I decided to use my Carlsson Mercedes as a prop. It’s a pretty cool prop to have and definitely brings a certain element to each photo shoot.  There’s something about seeing a beautiful car next to some amazing architecture. And I didn’t have to drive far to find 611 Anton, it’s right next to South Coast Plaza, also known as the other Rodeo Drive. I honestly didn’t realize how many awesome buildings are here until I started looking for places to have a photo shoot.  I’m happy that security didn’t rush out and kick me off the property, they tend to do that. It’s a good day.

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His Style

Feeling A Little Lime Green In Newport Beach

Body Rags and Psycho Bunny Snapback street fashion shoot with lime green wall with fashion photographer, John Ussenko in Newport beach.

I’m starting this year with a bang. A lime green bang. I need to break these bonds and get back to my roots of artistic expression. Have to let go of all that holds me down and just let it out. I’m looking forward to a new year. I’m finding a rhythm to this madness and discovering how fun it is.  I found this neat little spot tucked away in a parking structure in Newport Beach.  It was mid-day and they forgot to turn off the lights. Winner.

My solo photo shoots are challenging and present technical limitations but overall, I’m happy how the photos turned out.   My dad had a better way to put it, he would say, “Nothing is free in life, not even the air we breathe.”  He’s a smart guy.

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Climbing Mountains of Salmon and Tuna Poke At Bear Flag In Newport Beach


I’ve been here to Bear Flag in Newport Beach quite a few times and each time I order the same items. What can I say, I’m a creature of habit. It does help that these dishes are some of my favorite things to grub on. Personally, it’s a little on the wet side of oil and trust me, you’ll see a thick layer of it on the bottom of your take-out poke containers. But honestly, who cares. I keep coming back for more.

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