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General Patton Meets Psycho Bunny, Body Rags, & French Connection

Military Tanks, Psycho Bunny Snapback, and French Connection Clothing by fashion and lifestyle photographer John Ussenko on location in the California desert.

I love exploring new locations especially when they randomly appear and make you say, “wtf?” When I pulled off the highway to get gas at a tiny place called Chiriaco Summit, this  came out of left field. It appears to be over a dozen tanks scattered in the area.  I thought my eyes were seeing things. Com’on. Tanks? Tanks?! Tanks! Seriously. What are these tanks doing out here in the first place. How the heck did they even get them there?   All of a sudden, Curious George popped in my head and said, “Stop the car dork and go explore.”  So I did.

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