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Salt Air Bistro By The Awesome Minds of Patti and Dave Reiss

Lifestyle photographer, John Ussenko randomly walks into Salt Air bistro and discovers awesome people and delicious a brunch menu.

Running around with all my creative energy burns like a million calories and after a few hours, my brain stops functioning properly.  Photo shoots can be exhausting especially if you forget to eat breakfast. It’s around that weird time called brunch, the in-between of breakfast and lunch that I have a difficult time understanding. I pass 4 other restaurants because they’re too crowded but something catches my eye about this place.  I notice right away  when I step inside Salt Air bistro, right off Abbot Kinney, that it’s so different than all the other places on the block.

Maybe it’s the white cloth napkins or the white marble counter tops and tables. Maybe it’s because Carol Ann Emquies of Blinken Interiors designed it. Or maybe it’s the awesome duo, Patti and Dave over at Reiss Company that had something to do with it. I can’t nail down what actually grabbed my attention but I have to admit, it makes me feel good being here.

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