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Stephen Oliver Black Onyx Skull Bracelet


I setup my macro photography gear and shot some of my bracelets. This was a last minute shoot. I shot them without any cleaning. Maybe that’s not the best way to go but I honestly didn’t want to get them wet.  Shooting fashion accessories is always a blast. I tend to use a different approach than most photographers. Personally, I want the jewelry to fill up the entire shot.  The closer, the better.

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Carlsson Mercedes Benz Sets The Stage On Fire In Orange County

Custom mercedes benz photo shoot in Irvine by photog: john ussenko.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about what to shoot. For me, props are difficult to come by and when you have one in your driveway, why not?! So I decided to start taking photos of my Mercedes, why not? What else is a Benz good for besides getting stuck in traffic on the 405? It’s actually difficult to find the right spot to shoot but luckily this rooftop parking structure does the job.

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