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Hurry Up! Here Comes The Rent-O-Cops!

Long black dress by Free People Clothing in downtown los angeles with street fashion photographer John Ussenko and model Janelle Carroll.

It makes me so frustrated when you’re trying to do a fashion shoot and you see the security guard running towards you. I already know what he’s going to say. It’s the dreaded deja vu. We don’t have much time. Now it’s a rush rush and hurry hurry type of shoot. I was only able to snap three photos near this red structure. The security guard gets close enough and shouts, “This is private property and you can’t take any photos.” I’ve heard this so many times. How can a building in the middle of downtown Los Angeles be private property? They don’t care if you walk around or sit down or even eat your lunch but has soon as the camera comes out, 9-1-1! 9-1-1!  Dang rent-o-cops.

Her Style
model: janelle carroll
dress: free people
shoes: jeffrey campbell

Free People clothing street fashion shoot in downtown los angeles by fashion photographer, John Ussenko and model Janelle Carroll.

Photo shoot with a long black dress by freepeople clothing in downtown Los Angeles by street fashion photographer, John Ussenko with model Janelle Carroll.

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