About Me

First off, the most important part about all this is to say thank you, thank you for reading and being part of this journey. I’ve been asked many times if the photos on my site are mine and the answer is yes, all the photos are shot and produced by me.

For some strange reason, there’s a desire within me to give back. Kind of like paying it forward. So why not collaborate with other people and create something awesome. And while I was contemplating this, I came up with another brilliant idea. In its simplest form, I purchase new products that I like and host free giveaways. It’s always fun around here.

Now, lets backstory a little and discuss my photography. The passion for photography bit me about 15 years ago and in the last few years, I lost it or it lost me or we lost each other. Honestly, I’m not quite sure what happened but I’m back in it now.

I find myself wanting more from life and feeling a desire to give back. I suppose I’m on a self-fulfilling journey to give. Isn’t there a name for that, like quest? Sabbatical? Pilgrimage? Walk-about? Not sure where the feeling is coming from but I’m constantly feeling it and thinking about it. I don’t have a plan but figured, why not start by sharing my photos about fashion, food, and everyday life. These are the main categories I’m currently shooting the most of.

I like to collaborate with other like-minded individuals and create a place where all of us can help each other by utilizing our skill sets. In theory, this idea should work…in theory.

I don’t know where this amazing journey will take me but I’m in 100%.